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Our Education Resource Center contains books, films, audio recordings, and education guides with a focus on New York City history, American history, world history, cultural traditions, oral history, and arts education. Our archive contains images, film, and audio recordings from City Lore’s 25 years documenting the city’s living cultural heritage. The Resource Center and Archive are open Monday – Friday by appointment only.  To make an appointment, please contact Amanda Dargan, 212-529-1955 x304 or

Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students (CARTS)is an annual magazine published by City Lore and Local Learning that explores a folk arts theme relevant to education in schools and community -based settings.

Classroom Interviews Guide: City Lore’s oral history guide  helps teachers and students prepare to speak with classroom guests and community members. It includes listening and note-taking exercises and suggestions for conducting an excellent interview; a must for teachers interested in having their students conduct community-based fieldwork. 

City Lore Store: City Lore publications, recordings, and documentary films for purchase.


We Also Recommend 

Local Learning: A national organization that prepares young people, their teachers, and their families to discover, research, and draw on traditional culture and local knowledge in enriching education and creating stronger communities. Local Learning advocates for the full inclusion of folk and traditional arts and artists in the nation’s education. 

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage:  Located in Washington, D.C., the center provides online resources, lesson plans, education guides, and exhibits on American and World folklife traditions.  Folkways recordings of traditional music, song, and children’s singing games can be purchased through the Center along with accompanying educator guides.   

Bank Street Bookstore: A great source for anyone seeking high quality books for children. We enjoy their selection of cultural education resources, in particular. They also have an extensive collection of fiction and nonfiction children’s books, parent and teacher resources, learning games, toys, classroom supplies, DVDs, CDs, and more. 

NYC Arts in Education Roundtable improves, advances, and advocates for arts education. It is a community of organizations that shares information, provides professional development, and communicates with the public to promote work in schools and beyond. 

Americans for the Arts Advocates for the arts and arts education. Visit their Arts Action Center to contact local and federal lawmakers and stay abreast of arts legislation changes.